Cast & Place (Governors Island, New York, NY, USA) is the winner of the 2017 City of Dreams Competition. The pavilion presents a new approach to using and transforming waste materials. The natural process of clay drying and cracking was utilized to define unique patterns.  Aluminum, an infinitely recyclable, strong, and ubiquitous material, was cast into the clay patterns. This process resulted in light, strong panels that were assembled into spaces for reflection, performance, and play. Clay placed adjacent to the structure demonstrates the procedure used to create the patterns by cycling through wetting, drying and cracking. Cast & Place subtly reminds us of the changing nature of materials over time and our relationships to these materials.  

Governors Island, New York, NY, USA, 2017


  • Honoree for the 2018 NYCxDesign Awards in the Outdoor/Urban Landscape category, 2018.


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Exhibition Items

Cast & Place panels (2018), OSMUNDA, exhibited at Gallery 151, New York, NY (Apr. 18 – May 6).



Design Team

Segal Structures Group Members