On June 3, Cast & Place, the winner of the 2017 City of Dreams Competition, opened on Governors Island (New York, NY, USA). The pavilion consists of aluminum panels that were cast in cracked clay. Clay placed adjacent to the structure cycles through wetting, drying, and cracking to demonstrate the procedure used to create the molds utilized in the casting process.

The project was realized by the following team of engineers, architects, and artists: Josh Draper from PrePost; Lisa Ramsburg, Powell Draper and Alexandra Cheng from schlaich bergermann partner; Edward M. Segal from Hofstra University; Max Dowd from Grimshaw Architects; Artist Scot W. Thompson; Bruce Lindsay, Sculptor. We hope you can visit the pavilion before it is disassembled in mid-October. 

For additional information on the pavilion visit Cast & Place.

June 2017

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