Aggregated Entropy was an entry in the 2016 Re-Ball! competition to design a temporary installation in the DuPont Underground (Washington, D.C., USA) that reused over 650,000 three inch diameter plastic balls.

The design features a large-scale net structure that supports the plastic balls. The net is connected to the walls, ceilings, and floor at discrete points using small diameter concrete anchors. Additionally, continuous flexible supports adhere the net to the floor to ensure the balls are contained. Within the volume filled by the balls there are non-visible interior mesh partitions. These partitions in combination with redundant anchors ensure that any accidental damage to the structure is confined and easily repairable while the safety of the visitor is also maintained. To view the project’s submission in the competition’s gallery visit

Competition entry (unrealized project), Washington, D.C., USA, 2016

Design Team