In the fall, Prof. Segal teaches “Civil Engineering Design A” at Hofstra University. This course is a senior-level engineering design studio in which students use physical form-finding to create designs for a pavilion roof structure consisting of one or more of the following: hanging cables, arches, shell formed using hanging membranes, shell generated using an air-inflated form, cable net, tension membrane, and air-inflated membrane. Students complement their physical models with hand-drawn sketches, calculations, and written descriptions and critiques. Throughout the semester, practitioners serve as guest critics during design reviews.


(for conference publications, underline indicates the presenter, † indicates the paper was not presented orally, and * indicates the paper was displayed as a poster)

Segal, E. M. (2018). “Physical Form-Finding: A Central Design Method in a Structural Engineering Studio Course.” IV International Conference on Structural Engineering Education, Madrid, Spain.


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